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If there are people who are in the denial mode and refuse to acknowledge that Communist China with their “gain of function” work on the virus went awry in the Wuhan Lab, I understand their reluctance to come to grips with reality after refusing to do so for so long for political stance purposes.

There is enough evidence to locate the source as in the Wuhan area. The "Wet Market" misdirection theory was promulgated as an early deflection and has been adjudged dubious.

Almost all of the viral infections for the last century have been from the "Far East". Even the alleged Spanish Flu is suspected to have really arrived from the Far East via the Silk Road to Italy and then to Spain. Occurring during WWI, there was significant Worldwide spread due to the increased modes of movement.

On both sides of my predecessor's families, four aunts and uncles I never knew, died in the 1918-20 era from "the influenza".

In fact, the role of our own government scientists and their relationship to the Wuhan Lab funding and research is the subject of investigation and speculation. It seems that some in the scientific world, and the NIH, have profited significantly from drug company royalty payments and investments.

The question that is open to discussion is whether the virus was an accidental release, a worker who contracted it and was not isolated, a decision by a nefarious actor within the hierarchy of the Chinese Communist Party, or an individual "bad actor", lone wolf.

Make no mistake, Communist China is our mortal enemy. They are flooding our country with their produced Fentanyl via a Mexico cartel connection. As a veteran of the Vietnam era, I am fully aware of the 58,749 KIA and MIA. The phrase is “Some gave All”. As of today, this year alone, more than double of that number of residents of the US have died from Fentanyl "street drugs" overdoes. This is in ten months and counting.

This is not a stance of Xenophobia towards the Chinese people; it is a reality that it is the Chinese Communist Party has the announced objective to destroy our Country. Communism, in all forms, is an existential threat to that part of the world dedicated to individual freedom.

Remember that Socialism is the fundamental source that led to the Communist Manifesto by Karl Marx.

All are entitled to their opinions, with rights guaranteed by the 1st Amendment.

I am a veteran and took an oath, that never ceases, regarding the Country and Constitution.

Here is reputable info about the 20th Century and virus history. Pandemics & Influenzas

Additional info throughout history. Live Science history

In summary, remember that those who voted to put Biden in the White House, enabled Putin to invade the Ukraine and Xi to salivating over Taiwan. Both of these Communists took stock of Democrat Party, Biden and his Cabinet, adjudged them as feckless, weak men and angry women, and the Country in decline, lacking moral resolve.

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