A Clear Vision for Summit County 


20% reduction in property taxes for full time resident home owners (5%/year over 4 years.)

20% reduction in the size of county government (5%/year over 4 years.)

50% of my Commissioners compensation will be given to worthwhile, local community non-profits based on an application process.


  • $20,000 annually; $5,000 each to Domus Pacis, Breckenridge Outdoor Education Center, High County Conservation Center, and the Summit Chamber of Commerce

  • $20,000, annually, towards scholarship grants for students attending Colorado Mountain College in Summit County and pursuing business studies. Grants to be based on fiscal need, scholarship achievement, and application process.

  • $10,000 annually, for need assistance programs, Veterans support programs, etc.  Consideration for such based on submitted application with emphasis on efficacy. 

The sum of all of these contributions will be 50% of the Commissioners State mandated stipend, each year while in office.


I will advocate to eliminate all sales tax on food and personal hygiene products at grocery, pharmacy & convenience stores both in the County & Towns, for all Residents with proof of residency with valid government issued ID.


I will promote a moratorium on all Eminent Domain actions regarding the eradication of any & all Conservation Easements originally set up in perpetuity.

I will endeavor to protect the Homestead Exemption for Senior Citizens and Disabled Veterans, from any future attempts, as was recently targeted for elimination by Joint Budget Committee of the State Legislature, by redirecting county funds to restore this tax  credit, if so needed.

I will work to prohibit the County Government from making contributions of the Tax Payers monies to other uses that are not in the published budget without the ballot consent of the voters.

I will institute  an annual, complete financial audit and review of all County's financial activities for compliance, efficacy and integrity.

I will advocate to eliminate the ability of any political party to totally dominate the Commission by allocation of one seat to each major political party, to be voted upon by the registered party members only and the third seat to be held by any independent/unaffiliated, as well as those of the minor parties; currently AMP, AVP, GPC, LPC, UPC, to be voted upon by only registered I/U, AMP, AVP, GPC, LPC, UPC's.  No candidate may run in a particular category if they have been registered in another category within the past two election cycle.  No approvals of any Commission action will be binding without unanimous concurrence. Any vacancies will be filled only by election, not appointment.



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